March 31, 2018

New Reproduction Historical Rings

I'm very excited to announce that I now have historically-inspired rings available for your reenacting and historical costuming purposes!  These rings are modeled after ones seen in 18th century portraits.  They are made with Quartz stones - a nice way to get the large size of the rings in the period without the cost of a large gemstone- and real Pearls.  They are all made with Vermeil, which is a fancy term for Gold-plated Sterling silver for those of us with metal allergies.

My new rings are available on my Dames a la Mode website.

Here are a few of the portraits that I used as inspiration:

Portrait of a Lady, 1760, The Bowes Museum
She's wearing what looks like a large oval pink or red stone.

 The  Comtesse de Ceres by Elisabeth Vigee-Lebrun ,1784
The Comtesse is wearing a large square-shaped blue stone

Doña María de la Luz by Miguel Cabrera, 1760.  The Brooklyn Mueum.
She's wearing several rings, including two large single stones - one on each hand!

And don't worry, Gentlemen!  There is also some evidence that you can wear these large rings, too!

Detail of L'Ecriture by Jean-Etienne Liotard, 1752.
Would you like to see more examples?  Here's a link to my Pinterest page of rings in Georgian art - and you'll also seem some examples from other time periods, too!

Shop all of my available rings on my website:

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