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Hi there!  I'm Taylor.  I'm a reenactor and costumer living in Northern Virginia. My primary reenacting focus is the 18th Century, though I do dabble in 1812/Federal Era as well.  My primary impressions are a British Campfollower and a Loyalist Refugee (God Save the King!), and my favorite piece of reenacting gear is my decade-old, much abused, utterly stained and ragged apron.

I also like silk taffeta.  A lot.  And jewels, and bonnets, and other pretty things.  This blog is mostly the ramblings about my costuming, since I hardly ever make anything new for my reenacting wardrobe.  Though sometimes my various reenacting adventures will make an appearance.

You can also find me here:

My Etsy Shop, where I sell 18th century bonnets and hats, Regency bonnets, reproduction paste jewelry, paper millinery flowers, and historically appropriate ribbon for all your millinery needs!

My Pinterest

My Facebook page, which I update quite regularly with inspiration images, updates, and cool things I find on the interwebs.

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