December 4, 2014

An 18th-Century Photoshoot

I had the absolute pleasure to be a model in a recent photoshoot in Fredericksburg, Va with my dear friend Jenny-Rose of the fabulous Jenny la Fleur (who, incidentally, inspired me to get into costuming a hundred years ago!).  She just finished cosmetology school and is an WIZARD with historical hair styles.  (She's the one who did my 1790s hair last year).  She and her friend Treneka, of For the Joy Photography, were looking to collaborate on a photography session and they asked me to come along.  Always a sucker for having my hair done (and getting professional photos of my Georgian Jewelry), I agreed readily.

I arrived Saturday afternoon and was immediately given a glass of champagne and airbrushed makeup (the secret to looking pretty!).  We had such a fun time, and I thought I'd share some of Treneka's exquisite photos!

I wore my "oh this old thing" crossbarr'd silk gown (which is still my favorite after a lot of wears) and my beloved green shoes from American Duchess.

Photos: For the Joy Photography
Hair and Styling: Jenny la Fleur
Gown and Jewelry by me, Dames a la Mode

Can you even believe this amazing hair?

Here's a little background shot of Jenny-Rose fixing me up!

And, lest you think all of my pictures look this good, I can assure you that Treneka had to delete about a thousand where I am making faces like this one :)

What a fun and wonderful day!  Thank you for the laughter, ladies, and for making me feel like an absolute princess!


  1. It was so fun to work with you Taylor!! You were an excellent model!

  2. It was such fun playing with your lovely hair once again! Can't wait until we do it again!

  3. Your face is so beauty in 18 century!!! perfect!! :)

  4. Looks like so much fun! The photos are all gorgeous, and you look like a queen.

  5. she is such a natural beauty and what a lovely smile! just perfect for historic costume.

  6. I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award! See here:

  7. These photos are so gorgeous! I love looking at all you stuff--so I nominated you for the Liebster award. You can see the nomination here: