November 17, 2013

Incroyables et merveilleuses de 1814

While trolling the archives of Bunka Gakuen Library (oh, you treasure trove!), I came across the book Incroyables et Merveilleuses de 1814 By Georges Gatine.  There is nothing about the book itself, but I was able to cobble together a bit about it from the interwebs.  It appears to be a book published around 1815 in Paris and was meant to be used for prints.  It is on a larger scale than most fashion magazines of the day.  It started out with the plates alternating between male and female, but quickly moved to almost entirely female (with a few military chaps thrown in for good measure).  It borders on satire:  not quite as crazy as Le Bon Genre, but certainly a bit exaggerated.  I would imagine much like our InStyle and Vogue don't represent what most of us wear on a daily basis.   I found the plates utterly charming, so I thought I would share them here with you.  This isn't all of them- I left out the fellows- but you can find all of the plates at Bunka Gakuen.
I'll be posting these in 3 parts, since there are quite a few of them:

Part 1

How amazing are those shoes?

Awesome hairstyle, and do I spot a collet necklace?

Oooh!  Buttons on the side of the boots, or are they spats?

VERY flowery bonnet!

What a color!

Presented without comment...

Incredible detail around her hem!

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