October 3, 2013

Historical Accessory Challenge- Bustle Era Hat

I'm a few days late, but I did finish my entry for month one of Trystan's Accessories Costume Challenge!

A few weeks ago, I went to an awesome Victorian birthday picnic and made a new bustle gown.  I'll give you a teaser picture, because I have a lot more trimming to do on this and I want to do a proper post when I finish.  Here's a sample:

I really enjoyed my further foray into this era, so I decided to make a quick little hat to go with it (not the one I'm wearing in this picture).  I decided to go with something that was 18th Century inspired, since that is my first love (and since I just happened to have a black hat blank sitting around!  I wanted something that coordinated, but didn't match.

I used all stash-based stuff.  A scant yard of a lovely green and purple shot taffeta ribbon, some grey velvet ribbon, a few striking green shot black rooster feathers, and a spray of vintage lilac flowers.  

I have to say I'm very happy with how this hat turned out, and I can't wait for an opportunity to wear it!  Did you make anything for Trystan's challenge?  Let me know in the comments- I'd love to see it!


  1. Hot darn that's gorgeous woman! What a perfect hat for your gorgeous dress...if it ever goes missing...you should look in someone else's closet...

  2. WOW, that's beautiful!! I'm surprised how all those colors and textures work so well together and with the dress. And thumbs up for not another matchy hat!

  3. You did a wonderful job on your beautiful bustle era hat! The colors are so fantastic and so very Victorian!!