September 22, 2011

Bonnets by Year: 1794 and 1795

To continue on my Bonnets by Year posts, I offer these gorgeous toppers from Gallery of Fashion, from the years 1794 and 1795.  I did two years on this one, because bonnets and hats weren't the most common fashion choices for these years.  Obviously there is going to be a lot of evening wear in a fashion publication, and all but turbans were daywear, but they still weren't frequent.  The vast majority of the women were shown wearing bandeaux (a strip of fabric wound 'round the head with hair peeking out.  They often had feathers stuck in the front):

Bandeaux, April 1794

You can distinctly see the transitions from hats to bonnets in these years.  Many of them are still mostly hat-like, with brims that are generally even around all edges and hard, tall crowns.  They are mostly straw or chip, with some being fabric covered.  We see no soft crowns yet!  Many are adorned with tall feathers placed in front and ribbons galore, but you see a couple that are tied to the head with fabric.  

(Click for a much larger version!  It will open in a new frame then just click the link of the bottom left)

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